About Us

Serving both in Turkey, particularly in Konya, and abroad, Duru Foto & Film is not just an ordinary photo studio but a professional business which is focused solely on wedding photography and wedding films. Founded in Turkey, Duru Foto & Film is a business of professional wedding photography serving to all countries around the world. We shoot seamless photos best suited to your special day. We can organize the shooting event in your own country or in the most outstanding places of Turkey if you prefer coming.

Photography is our passion and our art. The key of high quality service in Duru Foto & Film is our team performing their job with pleasure. All of our staff members shoot the photos with highest care as if those are their own memories to be remembered. We believe that photograph is a highly valuable memory. Our staff knows this importance, and works with the idea that: “Our customers’ happiness is our happiness.” It is a pleasure for us to grant you quality memories. The best part of being a wedding photographer for our staff is to “immortalize the moment of happiness.” Your memories which will have no replay, are of high importance to us. Photographers of Duru Foto & Film are ambitious, hardworking and fun to be with and they pursue the principle of shooting different and energetic photos which also have surprises.

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The Ethics

Founding Duru Foto & Film, our aim was to create a business with a sensation of family that values trust. In all our operations, we behold the responsibility of how we affect our community, customers, staff and the nature and work accordingly.

We Smile Our Customers

The smile of our customers is the uppermost gift for us. We are creating a bright future for ourselves by collecting our customers’ smiles. When we meet our customers, we listen with care, provide them detailed information until the last question about the shooting fades away. We strive to meet all probable expectations of our customers. We do never exceed our quality standards and we, most of the time, serve our customers with more than expected and deliver quality products.

Quality Policy

The quality policy of Duru Foto & Film is to ensure absolute customer satisfaction regarding communication, services and products. We continuously follow the technological developments and update our equipment in order to preserve our quality policy. We use top of the line equipment.

We Care

Every photograph is valuable to us. We respect the soul and sanctity of the weeding day and we reflect this feeling to our works. Rather than seeing our couples as ‘customers’, we regard them as the proof to the existence of love. With the great responsibility of our principles, we plan a flawless process to shoot their dream wedding photos and prepare an exceptional wedding album.


The professional wedding and engagement photographers of Turkey are at Duru Foto & Film! Do not decide before visiting us.

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